3D Printing Metal Powder

The feedstock material for most of the metal additive manufacturing (AM) technologies are metal powders. AM processes such as powder bed fusion, binder jetting and directed energy deposition need powder as row material. Considerable growth of 3D printing highlight the need for high-quality powder with a logical price to assure sustainable growth of this technology. In addition, different AM methods require different powder properties whereas powder manufacturing methods determine these properties.

The common specifications of suitable metal powders for AM are the spherical geometry of the particles and particle size distribution according to the layer thickness. Also, material properties such as tensile strength, hardness and elongation are important and usually these features used as reference points for the decision about the choosing right material [1].

In conclusion, one of the most essential needs of today’s industries is the material; hence, supplying of high quality materials and suitable for AM technologies is necessary. Our experts in materials science and trading, tries to supply metallic powders for 3D metal printers for different industries and it is our commitment to provide materials in accordance with international standards and qualities.

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[1]. https://www.metal-am.com/