Supplying & Manufacturing of Fly Laser Marking Machines

Fly Laser Marking machine is a high technology product, which integrate computer, laser technology, automatic control and precise optical machinery. This machine is widely used in permanent marking on the surface of various materials. It adopts advanced technology and production process, not only easy to use, but also stable to work and with reliable performance.

Fly Laser Marking Machine is used for marking on non-metallic materials and some metallic materials, such as: acrylic, plastic items, PVC board, shoes, packaging, fabric cutting, rubber it ems, building ceramics, beverage packaging, tobacco packaging, rubber items, nameplate casing, handicrafts &gifts, electronic components, leather and other industries.

One of our main products are the fly laser marking machines (CO2 and Fiber) applicable in the production line of wire and cable, Pipes, food and pharmaceutical Industries. Fly laser marking is proper to mark on goods in the production line on the move.  This method is appropriate to mark codes, date, logos and other information on the move.

The advantages of Fly Laser Marking:

  • Direct and permanent mark on the work piece, stable, abrasion-proof, resists mechanical exposure, water, solvent, oil, temperature changes and UV exposure
  • Marking on almost any kind of surface without any physical contact
  • Efficient production in high quantities through automation
  • No extra cost, no consumables or tools that wear out
  • Adjustable with almost every velocities of production
  • Environmentally beneficial, uses no solvents or adhesives and creates no waste products
  • Resistant to counterfeiting and cannot be removed

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