Production of Metallic Powder used in AM

Metal powders used in AM machines must have distinct physical and chemical characteristics for a reliable and reproducible printing result. These characteristics include particle morphology, size and distribution, density, porosity, flow-ability, agglomeration, humidity and chemical composition [1].

Main processes for the fabrication of metal powders are gas atomization, water atomization, centrifugal atomization and plasma atomization. The comparison of these processes revealed that plasma method produces perfect spherical powders however it is not a cost-effective, whereas the gas atomization creates spherical powders with optimal cost and appropriate shape [2].

Our abilities, equipment and experts in the field of laser machines and materials engineering provide the opportunity of producing metallic powders for 3D metal printers. It should be mentioned that we produce metallic powders in a laboratory scale and hope to start its production in semi-industrial scale in an immediate future.

In order to consult or inquire about the available powders contact us.

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[2]. Kazybek Kassym, Asma Perveen, “Atomization processes of metal powders for 3D printing”,