Amorphous Powders for 3D Printers

An amorphous metal is a solid metallic alloy material that exhibits an unusual atomic-scale structure compared to all other metals. Most metals are crystalline in their solid state. Their atoms are arranged in a highly-ordered state. Amorphous metals, on the other hand, have a disordered arrangement of atoms and are non-crystalline with a glass-like structure. This atomic structure of amorphous metals changes some properties of materials. Therefore, the final material has more strength but lighter, more corrosion resistance and more biocompatibility [1].

Mechanical and physical properties of 3D printed amorphous metals is desirable for several industries including medical, automotive, energy, production industry. This kind of powders let the final products be smaller, stronger and lighter that leads to significant cost savings and improvement of efficiency.

In addition, good resilience (combination of strength and elasticity) of amorphous metals allows for manufacturing light-weight parts with high wear and corrosion resistant [2].